Can You Afford Not to Have a Wireless Security Camera?

Image of Wireless Security Camera System

Wireless Security Camera System

Wireless security camera system are becoming so affordable nowadays.  They are extremely helpful to keep your home and office protected.

Being wireless, security camera are easier to set up.  They offer flexibility in where to install them.  They can be moved around easily.  They are stylish, compact and discreet.

Technology for wireless security camera has improved.  They are reliable.  They offer better resolution and clearer picture.  Mostly, they are affordable.

Also, installing a wireless security camera system will bring the important benefit — peace of mind… which includes:

If you own a business…

  • It will deter employees from theft.  Employees handle your products.  They handle your money.  Too many of them can be tempted to steal.  According to the 2002 National Retail Survey,  employee theft causes loss of 48% of the inventory.  That’s equivalent to $15 billion in losses each year for U.S. companies.  You will want to it on your favor to minimize or eliminate theft as much as possible
  • It prevent shoplifting.  Shoplifter accounts to 32% of inventory shrinkage.  That’s a $10 billion problem in the U.S.  It doesn’t make financial sense to hire more employees to watch customers.  A wireless security camera system can be used to watch employees as well as customers
  • It prevents vandalism.  Installing security cameras in the proper areas will deter many type of crimes… protecting your customers, employees and property.
  • It’s cost effective.  Installing wireless security camera system can reduce insurance premiums.  They can be used as evidence for insurance claim and make the process smoother.  They can also be tax deductible

If you own a home…

  • It will deter theft.  It only takes a few seconds for someone to enter your home and few minutes to rob your most valuable belongings.  A properly installed wireless security camera system will deter thieves
  • It will tell you what’s going on.  You can monitor your babysitter, your family or your home through the internet.  There is no need to be on guard and feel uneasy while away from home.  Anything that happens can be resolved from almost anywhere in the world

Mainly, a wireless security camera system have so much value to provide at a very affordable price in this modern era.

Certainly, there are some maintenance involved.  But, the advantages will outweigh any disadvantages… since preventing a theft is much better than resolving after it happens.

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