Turn Darkness into Pure Daylight with Night Vision Security Cameras

There are now lots of types of wireless security surveillance camera in the market now. But, the prevailing type is evidently the ones with night vision.

Night Vision Wireless Camera

Night Vision Wireless Camera

Night vision cameras allow you to see in total darkness. They have built-in infrared so it can be used for any low light situation. They come in black and white and also in color. Most color night vision cameras switch automatically to black and white at night.

How they work

Night vision cameras operate in the infrared spectrum. To the human eye, it sees the infrared spectrum as darkness. However, these type of cameras can operate and provide video when there is low light and even no light situations.

During the day, the night vision camera provides full color video. As it gets darker at night, the light level drops, and the camera switches to use infrared mode. The night vision technology provides a black and white and grayish scale image. When the light level increases, the cameras will automatically switch back to color video

Why Use Night Vision Camera

The night vision technology has been around for a long time. With technological advancement, it has become more economical and affordable. It is also cheaper to go with a night vision camera instead of trying to increase the lighting in the area so the camera can capture a clear video.